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Professional Kitchen Equipment in VietNam

AU A INDUSTRY CO.,LTD is known for producing and supplying industrial kitchen equipment and industrial washing machines in Vietnam. So far, the company specializes in providing products for large projects. But in 2017, the company is trying to “attack” in the retail market, so what is the cause of this “steering”?



In the coming years, in addition to maintaining and developing existing businesses, AUA is planning to expand and develop into the retail market. This strategy and ambition has been cherished by the board three years ago, but it will not be officially launched until 2017 after a long period of careful study of both market demand and product development.

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– So what is the reason for the AUA decided to attack the retail market, sir?



– With the domestic market segment, AUA previously acted as an advisory and supply contractor for the AUA, finding that it overlooked mid-range and low-end markets as medium and small-scale restaurants. The investment in the kitchens of these restaurants is not large, they tend to purchase equipment rather than buy a list of hundreds of equipment from the same supplier.



In addition, according to Euro Monitor’s F & B report, the number of medium and small restaurants is up to 84,142 while the number of high-end restaurants is only 85 (2012). With a growth rate of 5% per year, by 2017, the number of medium and small restaurants will reach 93,748 with 6,689,000 transactions. This is indeed a vast “ocean” that AUA has forgotten in the past. Imagine if each restaurant only needs to buy one additional device per year, multiply that sum by the total amount of market size.

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– Obviously, this is a great opportunity for AUA to develop its retail market. But in my view to reach and succeed in the retail market is not easy, so what does the AUA prepare for this “attack”?. Restaurant supplies Ho Chi Minh .



As I mentioned above, Eurasia has been chewed up for more than three years, starting in 2017. The past three years have seen the AUA study a lot of reading. Market data, market size, market growth rate, desired market share, competitors and many other variables. At the same time, it is very important to research the needs of our customers so that we can research and develop the right products with reasonable prices and marketing strategies, distribution and promotion. to achieve the set objectives.

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– For the first time, what package will AUA plan to introduce? What is the reason AUA develops this product line to the market?



– All product lines at birth are derived from the needs of users. As a result, manufacturers are constantly innovating and innovating to meet the increasingly demanding, constantly changing needs of consumers. Today’s modern kitchens not only require standard equipment, but they are versatile, flexible and flexible.

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Understanding that need, we have researched, produced and launched the line of stainless steel disassembly. Stainless steel product line with outstanding features is easily removable parts, very convenient for transportation, storage, moving or installation. The finished product will be packaged in a neat box so it really is a convenient and economical solution for customers, especially when transporting equipment away.



– With this new product line, Eurasia Corp. intends to distribute it. What does the AUA want to convey the message or desire to approach such distribution channels?

– AUA not only sells conventional stainless steel disassembly tools like the one you’re looking at, which we want to emphasize is the solution for the user. From the idea of ​​disassembly, we will also research, find new product lines to better serve the needs of the market.



Head office: 37 Tran Quy Khoach, Tan Dinh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Factory: 82/2 St. No. 2 – Ward 6, Hiep Binh Phuoc Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City

Phone: 096.1213.577

Hotline: 1900 0054

Email: [email protected]





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